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Year: 2007

Steve Martin – Born Standing Up

Steve Martin

The List
29 November 2007

3 stars

Great comedy and psychological problems normally go together like Bill Hicks and nicotine. Nice guy Steve Martin’s ‘funny but weird’ schtick means he’s pulled off the near impossible by delivering original, occasionally brilliant material, without ever turning into an out and out nut. Continue reading

Alasdair Gray


The List
20 September 2007


Claire Sawers meets Alasdair Gray at his Glasgow home and finds that he has created yet another iconic, naïve and semi-tragic anti-hero Continue reading

Phil Kay

Phil Kay

The List
9 August 2007

Impish, semi-mental charm
4 stars

For the uninitiated, the first breathless minutes of the bedraggled, beardy and rambling Phil Kay’s routine are like watching a homeless dope smoker who has accidentally wandered onstage. Continue reading

Calvin Harris


Calvin Harris

The Sunday Times
29 July 2007

Wallflower can’t believe he should be so lucky

Disco darling Calvin says he has, in fact, never thrown a party, but hanging out with Kylie is some compensation Continue reading

Fujiya & Miyagi

Fujiya Miyagi

26 June 2007

Named after a record player and a karate teacher, these boys only play at being Japanese. Actually from Brighton, that doesn’t stop them having a go at singing in French and layering it over rolling, streamlined rhythms of the Krautrock variety. Continue reading

Bat for Lashes

Natasha Khan

The List
28 February 2007

Brighton singer-songwriter Natasha Khan’s debut album, Fur and Gold, is a dreamy, fairytale world of wolves, wizards and facial glitter. Continue reading

Ben Taylor

The Sunday Times
21 January 2007

A chip off the old rock

A career in music must have been a daunting choice for a young man whose parents are songwriting legends, but Ben Taylor, son of Carly Simon and James Taylor, seems unfazed. Continue reading

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