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Month: April 2008

Food for thought – Amy Whiten

Amy Whiten

The List
10 April 2008

Co-runs Recoat independent gallery, Glasgow

Breakfast is usually crunchy nut cornflakes and I must have a cup of tea. I’m horribly addicted. Continue reading

Eagleowl, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu 20 Mar

Bart from Eagleowl with an eagleowl

The List
10 April 2008
4 stars
Continue reading

Annie Nightingale

Annie Nightingale

The Herald
09 April 2008

New musical talent and the debt owed to a Nightingale

Annie Nightingale doesn’t know what day it is. As a full-time predictor of “the next big thing” in the music world, her eyes, normally hidden behind a pair of DayGlo sunglasses, are permanently fixed on the horizon. Continue reading

The Teenagers

The Teenagers

3 April 2008

Attempting to pick up where Serge Gainsbourg left off, The Teenagers are three Frenchmen who consider themselves gifts to women, despite their songs being about loveless one night stands, underage cheerleaders and vodka soaked house parties. Continue reading

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