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Come On Gang!

The List
3 July 2008

‘I’m a nightmare on a train,’ says Sarah Tanat Jones, drummer and lead singer of Come on Gang! Continue reading

Alexander Terekhov – The Rat Killer

The List
5 June 2008


Alexander Terekhov wrote this political allegory when he was 27. Bad timing meant it failed to make waves outside Russia, as critics were busy unearthing older, established writers suppressed under the communist regime. Continue reading

Move over Rebus

The Sunday Times
20 November 2005

A sexy forensic scientist is muscling in on the Edinburgh detective’s literary patch and could prove just as successful, discovers Claire Sawers Continue reading

Camille O’Sullivan

The List
Edinburgh Festival Guide

22 July 2008


Smouldering, sassy, sexy songbook stuff from the dark angel

Sliding onstage in a red corset and heels, sipping a glass of red wine, French-Irish chanteuse Camille O’Sullivan likes keeping her audience on their toes when she performs. Continue reading

Gemma Weekes – Love Me

The List
8 January 2009

Love and the city

With her debut novel, Gemma Weekes has created a vibrant tale of obsession, identity and solitude. Claire Sawers hears more than just soundbites

‘A Big Mac and a hot chocolate please,’ comes the voice down the phone. Gemma Weekes is in McDonalds, ordering lunch, pushing her son’s buggy and doing an interview. Continue reading

The Amorphous Androgynous – A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding in Your Mind Vol 1

The List
11 December 2008
4 stars


The electronic two-team of Gaz Cobain and Brian Dougans, aka Future Sounds of London, share their love of what they call ‘cosmic space music’ on this compilation – a trippy swirl through the 60s up to the present day, taking in Devendra Banhart, Tim Buckley, Espers and Can.

Continue reading

Le Le – Flage

The List
11 December 2008
3 stars


What do you get if you put together a cult graphic designer from Amsterdam’s red light district, an ex-writer from uber-arch Vice magazine and a Dutch electro-funk producer? Continue reading

Jay McInerney – The Last Bachelor

The List
11 December 2008
3 stars

The vice that spices up this short story collection by Jay McInerney – a peeping tom on modern, urban American life – is not the overtly debauched or instantly shocking kind. Continue reading

Asobi Seksu, ABC, Glasgow, Wed 26 Nov

The List
11 December 2008

One thing people weren’t doing a lot of during Ladytron’s support slot, a shimmering, feedback-drenched set from New York’s Asobi Seksu, was gaze at their shoes. Continue reading

Phil Oakey

The List
27 November 2008



When David Bowie watched Human League play an early gig in 1979, he said he’d just seen ‘the future of pop music’ and their sci-fi, deadpan brand of electronica was ‘like listening to 1980′. Almost 30 years later, with synth-pop bleeping its way through another revival, his forecasting seems pretty accurate. Continue reading

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