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Date: January 2, 2009

Build Your Own Bond Movie

 The List
30 October 2008

Exotic locations
Cuban beaches, Jamaican waterfalls, floating Indian palaces – the jet setting super-spy notches up an average of three countries per film, Continue reading

Psapp – The Camel’s Back

The List
30 October 2008
4 stars

If the toys really did sneak out to play after lights out (and were into their Tunng and Stereolab), this is the sort of music they would make. Continue reading

The Sadies

28 October 2008

Brilliantly named for a career in country music, Dallas Good and his brother, Travis, take turns fronting Canadian four-piece The Sadies. Continue reading

Aimee Mann

22 October 2008

Five questions for…
Perhaps best known for her Grammy-nominated hit Save Me on the Magnolia soundtrack, downbeat, thoughtful rocker Aimee Mann releases new single Thirty One Today next week. Continue reading

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