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Month: October 2009

Barbara Kingsolver – The Lacuna

The List
15 October 2009
3 stars

What really went on in the household of Frida Kahlo and her painter husband, Diego Rivera? Continue reading

‘Cherokee Moses’ comes home

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, a tour guide once said. Gayle Ross, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in bending the truth. Continue reading

The Italian Girl in Algiers puts the soap into opera

A stage full of bunny girls, Space Hoppers and high-tech green-screen effects? It’s Rossini, as you’ve never seen him before Continue reading

A photography exhibition about the Antarctic expeditions of Scott and Shackleton

Adventurers’ view from the ends of the earth

Images of Shackleton’s and Scott’s Antarctic expeditions are as moving now as they were 100 years ago

Continue reading

Frankie Boyle – My Shit Life So Far

The List
1 October 2009
4 stars

Apparently, Glasgow’s cherished cheeky-man Francis Boyle showed a talent for ‘the offensive non-sequitur’ from a young age. Continue reading

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