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Month: January 2010

Interview: Tommy Sheppard of The Stand Comedy Club

Where Frankie Boyle got his shot at fame

Fuck Buttons – Stereo, Glasgow, 24 Sep 2009

Go here to read a review of a Fuck Buttons gig that I did for Amelia’s Magazine. There are some (quite fuzzy) photos that I took on the night up there too.

Watch the video for Surf Solar.


Interview: Malcolm Ross


The List
2 December 2009

Setting the template for art-rock, and showcasing their ineffable cool in the process, Franz Ferdinand’s self-titled debut was a turning point for Scottish music. Claire Sawers asks Malcolm Ross of highly influential bands including Josef K and Orange Juice to explain the album’s significance Continue reading

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind

The List
17 December 2009
4 stars

Continue reading

Simon Amstell – preview

The List

15 October 2009

After a successful Fringe stint, the neurotic comedian returns Continue reading

Oliver Postgate – Seeing Things: A Memoir

The List 
4 December 2009
4 stars Continue reading

Pieter Waterdrinker – The German Wedding

The List
19 November 2009
4 stars Continue reading

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