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Women who knit a profit from witty arts and crafts

Carrie Maclennan and Clare Nicolson, photo by Justin Griffiths-Williams
Carrie Maclennan and Clare Nicolson, photo by Justin Griffiths-Williams


The Sunday Times
12 October 2008

Cross-stitch and embroidery – with an added modern sense of fun – are a booming business, finds Claire Sawers

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United by the frill of business


Fiona and Clare


The Sunday Times
10 December 2006

The Two of Us: Clare Thommen and Fiona McLean, directors of Boudiche 

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Health Warning

Simon Singh

The List
07 August 2008

Simon Singh has upset many people with his damning views on holistic treatment. Claire Sawers asks if he has his finger on the pulse of alternative therapy Continue reading

Life’s a gamble on the web

13 November  2005

Quitting your day job to play poker full-time may seem a risky proposition, but the young Scots leading the pack have never looked back.

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Let’s hear it for the fishnet revolution

Club Noir - Vanity Kills

The Scotsman
06 January 2006

IT’S 11:30pm on the sort of evening when your warmest coat doesn’t keep out the chill. Outside a nightclub on Edinburgh’s Blair Street, however, stands a shivering queue of Playboy bunnies and women in vintage cocktail frocks, snaking its way out of sight along the Cowgate. Continue reading

Made in the Shade at The Lighthouse

The List

22 May 2008

Made in the Shade is a 1950s boutique slash young designer showcase at The Lighthouse. Claire Sawers checks it out Continue reading

No More Mr Nice Guy

Martin Kihn

The List
27 March 2008

Martin Kihn was your average good guy, working hard but going nowhere fast, when he decided to become an asshole. A book and TV deal later, he is feeling much happier. Continue reading

Balancing the books

The Daily Record
22 May 2006

Mum-of-three Julie used to be a high-flying accountant in London. Now she writes children’s stories in Edinburgh… and she couldn’t be happier Continue reading

No fear, no limits, no safety net


The Sunday Times
11 December 2005

The extreme sport of parkour, or freerunning, was invented by two French teens and popularised in ads for Nike and the BBC. Now there are enthusiasts leaping and somersaulting all over Edinburgh. Claire Sawers meets some of them

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